…Experiencing the outpouring of His power.



We are grateful to God you found this page. It is again sessions of promised rain for the children of God at the Deeper Christian Life Ministry annual National Conference 2018.

Come and join other children of God at the conference, to ask the Lord for showers of blessings (Ezekiel 34:26), the latter rain (Zechariah 10:1), abundant pardon for sins (Isaiah 55:7), rain of righteousness (Hosea 10:12), outpouring of the Holy Ghost (Isaiah 44:3) and abundant supernatural blessings that God has promised his people.

If you can believe, God has promised us at this conference renewal of our strength, reclamation of our inheritance in Christ and restoration of privileges lost to the devil.

Here’s how.

Come and join us for a time of refreshing, realization, restoration and revival.

Make this your own time of revival.